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Thursday, November 8, 2012


POWER RESTORATION UPDATE: On this morning's (Thursday, November 8) conference call with PSE&G, the Plainfield representative told the administration that they would have 95% of our power in Plainfield restored by the end of business tomorrow (Friday), with the rest being completed over the weekend. 
There are crews working today on circuits that should restore power to the Hillside/Chetwynd/Marlborough area, as well as others that I have posted about. PSE&G also has tree cutting crews that work directly with their technicians to remove power lines that are twisted into fallen trees and branches. PSE&G does not allow city staff to touch these trees due to danger, obviously, as well as liability issues.
The city is assisting them in removing the trees once the power lines have been removed. The city is pressing PSE&G to adhere to this timeline. I am not holding my breath, but this is coming STRAIGHT FROM PSE&G. Also, I have made the administration aware of the continuing conflicting information that PSE&G telephone representatives have been giving out to residents.

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