The Business of the City: Miscellaneous

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Please Note: the City Council Meetings have been rescheduled.

The November meetings will take place as noted below:

Agenda Session:  
Monday, November 19, at 7:30 pm (City Hall Library)

Regular Business Meeting: 
Monday, November 26, at 8:00 pm (Municipal Courthouse) 


  1. Just read blog Days and dates don't coincide. either Mon -11/19 or Tues-11/20 etc.

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  3. To the anonymous commenter:

    It would have been good of the mayor to let the council know that the Red Cross would be at city hall with supplies. The reason there were no people there is because the mayor didn't let them know. The communication was awful--the mayor has NOT been in touch with the city council about ANYTHING. Clearly, she cannot put her silly politics aside for one moment. I have received countless emails and messages from folks who were put on hold with the mayor's office, disconnected, etc., and who got no answers. She is too busy with her re-election campaign to be in contact with the council. Were it not for Eric Jackson, John Louise, and David Minchello, NOTHING would have gotten done.

    The mayor has not shown ANY leadership, and her disregard for the council, her silence, and her absence--all have been noted by several people. Even her "press release" is a week old. She is an embarrassment. So...if there are photos of her at with the Red Cross or doing her usual fake hand-wringing, you will know that it is a sham. I had to inform the administration of other efforts to provide shelter and relief, because they were unaware. The communication from the city to residents remains non-existent. Right after the storm, Councilor Mapp and I were out with volunteers we gathered to get the word out about the shelter and about FEMA. The mayor? Nothing. She wasn't around last weekend, although I won't speculate, as others have done, about where she was.

    There was NO emergency plan, no automated text alert system, no phone calls, no place for residents to call, no system for checking on senior citizens...NOTHING. And yet, on election day, your mayor is making comments about her re-election campaign. As if. She needs to resign, because her INCOMPETENCE, INEFFECTIVENESS, and INABILITY to lead stands out even more starkly now and, frankly, is rather dangerous.