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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Don't Bother, They're Here...."*

I am sure that, in their heart of hearts, they know who they are, unless they are as self-delusional as they sometimes appear to be. Unfortunately, the magnitude of their colossal moral and ethical failures (and their very real incompetence) will continue to haunt our city long after 2013, when (mercifully), they will be gone.


*From Stephen Sondheim's "Send in the Clowns."


  1. Rebecca,

    I attended last night's agenda setting meeting. I wanted to thank you for standing up for the residents of Plainfield. This era of unethical leadership and lack of fiduciary duty must come to an end. You are one of the few sitting at the table last night who knows those definitions. I firmly believe if one is found guilty of a crime they should start color coordinating their wardrobe with orange. We should work together in stopping this ridiculous motion of spending tax payers' dollars for a law suite the incompetent mayor chose to have. I do not recall any approval for this course of action or budget. From an accounting point of view this started as an insidious use of city money and now the mayor wants to end this scenario the same way it began. She made a choice and like many things they are not free. Pay up mayor! Leadership is suppose to protect us not hurt us. BTW, Old Doc if you're reading this - You also stood up for us. You're a hero of mine!

    Yours Truly,

    "When all Plainfields become a Plainfield of 1."

  2. they are going no where...the continued "verbal hope" that people throw around is never going to occur... as the magic fairy dust that requires people to change the way they vote doesn't exist.