The Business of the City: Miscellaneous

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief Shelters in Plainfield

Please note that Plainfield's Department of Public Safety has posted the following notice:

In the event evacuation is necessary and you are not able to make prior arrangements to relocate to a safe area, please respond to the nearest receiving center listed below:

WASHINGTON SCHOOL: 427 Darrow Avenue

All best,


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Epic Fail: Carnival in the 4th Ward

This past weekend, the mayor sponsored a "carnival" at Hannah Atkins Park for the "community." I only found out about this event on Monday, October 1. For those who want to know, since this event did not require a roadway encroachment, it did not have to come before the city council for approval. I am still wondering why the mayor decided that this small park was a proper venue for this event. How much money did the carnival owner pay the city for the use of our park? After seeing it, I am further confused. Poorly executed, overpriced at thirty dollars plus--yes, $30+--and poorly attended, the entire event looked rather seedy and forlorn. 

Nearby Bowcraft Amusement Park in Scotch Plains isn't even this expensive. Will we see political contributions to the mayor's re-election campaign from this owner and his operatives? What amount of police resources were used? Fire? Cleanup costs? Although the carny eventually provided some free tickets to some children, this debacle, too, can be listed as an "epic fail."

Be forewarned about the next event the mayor has promoted--for a fee of ten dollars--yes $10. It is yet another patronizing attempt at veterans' recognition. I am unclear as to why this event is even occurring. Our Independence Day celebration was focused on veterans, and rightly so. However, Veterans Recognition Day is in November--it's a FEDERAL HOLIDAY called "Veterans' Day." Why on earth would the mayor encourage this hastily planned event (it is supposed to take place this Sunday on South Avenue at Plainwood Square), which will encroach on our main business thoroughfare, thus blocking it? Why isn't this "recognition" being held at the Veterans Center on East Front Street, a much more appropriate venue? Why is only one business (Sweet Lew's) involved? Why aren't the Plainwood Square Merchants supporting this? Why is it that the city council received no documentation about this event? Why, as well, has this event been promoted with the date, venue, and the name of the mayor PROMINENTLY diplayed in advance of city council approval? 

I hope the people of our community "recognize" this patronizing "Veterans Recognition" event for what it is, yet another cheap display to fuel the mayor's re-election fantasies. Also, look for further ridiculous fundraising events for her "re-election" campaign. I fear the damage she will continue to do to this city if she does not resign.

Again, the city is "functioning" with NO CFO, NO purchasing agent, NO corporation counsel, NO health officer, NO deputy clerk, along with a number of other vacancies.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time to Go

The mayor and her supporters/apologists would have you believe that due to her misuse of city funds and subsequent refusal to be forthcoming about it (the WBLS event), our city was made safer. These supporters attempt to equate the money spent by the people’s search for the truth (to hire a firm to investigate and later to defend the city's interests against the mayor's frivolous lawsuit--now WITHDRAWN) to the mayor’s illegal use of their funds.  

A forum that she put together two years ago (which I feel was partly an attempt to SHOVE a million dollar contract for ShotSpotter down the throats of Plainfielders—the ShotSpotter folks were on her anti-crime panel) certainly resulted in more community awareness of the gang problem in our city, but her after-the-fact attempt to include the “truce” (which came about months later) as one of the accomplishments of the forum was and remains a complete falsehood. 

Her obfuscations in the “WBLS event” have cost our city upwards of $82,000 of taxpayers’ money as of this writing. She purports to love Plainfield while, at the same time, continuing to obstruct the pathway toward reforming the PMUA, and doesn’t even bother to pay her own bill—a slap in the face to the struggling ratepayers in this city, some of whom are in danger of losing their homes. 

She remains clueless about what it means to be a leader. This is apparent when we look at the dismal failure of her administration—we are actually LOSING much-needed state aid because of the administration’s failure to adhere to “best practices.” We continue to have NO Chief Financial Officer, NO Corporation Counsel, NO Health Officer, NO Purchasing Agent, and NO Deputy City Clerk, among other vacancies. Fraud and other illegal activities are (thankfully) being investigated.

 The mayor avoids accountability and responsibility, and seemingly has no concerns about Plainfield losing state aid. Her priorities are irretrievably skewed—I discovered this when she decided to attack me publicly because of how I choose to express my patriotism—her actions were un-American and not fitting for an official whose solemn duty is to uphold the constitution, which includes the First Amendment. 

One would think that a purported college graduate with a degree in Political Science would have read this document. It was very disturbing to receive hate mail from all across the country, especially in this political climate of fear-mongering and demagoguery. Her desire to cut the library budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time most critical for those who use the library for job-hunting, research, homework projects, etc., while attempting to increase the budget for her pet projects speaks even more loudly to her misplaced priorities.

The mayor blithely goes about her day—doing whatever it is she does—I am positive that it doesn’t include running a city. What other capricious (but ultimately damaging to us) ideas might she have for the remainder of her term? I shudder when I think about it. I don't imagine that she will agree with me, nor will her supporters, but I think it’s time for her to resign.



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Don't Bother, They're Here...."*

I am sure that, in their heart of hearts, they know who they are, unless they are as self-delusional as they sometimes appear to be. Unfortunately, the magnitude of their colossal moral and ethical failures (and their very real incompetence) will continue to haunt our city long after 2013, when (mercifully), they will be gone.


*From Stephen Sondheim's "Send in the Clowns."