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Friday, August 24, 2012

Of Lawsuits and Snowballs

The mayor (a former paralegal who also states that she graduated with a degree in political science and criminal justice from Seton Hall University) has withdrawn her ridiculous personal lawsuit against the city council. Not much ado was made about it, as opposed to her earlier crowing about feeling vindicated by an earlier ruling that the judge had made allowing her case to go forward. 

Many people have offered conjecture as to why suits of this type are withdrawn, such as mounting personal legal bills, public pressure, the realization of their utter frivolity, or the stupidity of attempting to run for re-election while having capricious lawsuits pending. 

With regard to this particular episode--the mayor's misuse of city funds, her subsequent personal lawsuit, and the highly inappropriate press release that she had her PIO place on the city's website about her personal case--it has come at great cost to the residents of Plainfield. 

Perhaps now the mayor can get back to the work she was actually elected to do, such as finding a corporation counsel, finding a purchasing agent, finding a CFO, getting the residents' tax bills to them on time, ending the fraud in the Recreation Division and making it open and transparent in its dealings, dealing with continuing crime, quality of life issues, and promoting economic development. It would also be nice to see her putting the people of Plainfield above the petty politics that, thus far, have been a hallmark of her two terms of office. 

We must move forward, however, and deal with the latest "fires," such as the PMUA "committee" that the mayor wants to put in place to examine the authority--a stonewalling waste of time, and an insult to the residents of Plainfield, in my opinion.

"Paralegal" does not mean "partly legal," by the way. 

All best,