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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Following Up

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.
-- Steve Jobs
Several constituents have contacted me regarding the fraudulent and illegal activities that occurred in the Recreation Division that were related to Plainfield’s Independence Day events. As I noted in a previous blog, the Recreation Division was handing out applications with the following additional information—which has been determined to be absolutely, unequivocally illegal:

Food Vendor Permit for $250.00 and/or Merchandise Vendor’s Permit for $125.00—each of which would include two “badges.” Also, additional “badges” would be available for $5.00 each. These fees were made up, and the so-called “badges” were non-existent.
In particular, these residents want to know what, if any, actions the administration has undertaken (or is undertaking) to investigate the malfeasance. The administration has an ethical obligation to contact every business owner who wrote a check for the illegal permit fees and ensure that this illegal money is returned—in addition, it is their legal responsibility to contact the proper law enforcement authorities so that a full investigation can be conducted. It is due to the continued turning of a “blind eye” regarding wrongdoing that our city keeps getting “black eyes.”
I have told these residents to call the Mayor and the City Administrator directly to ask about this. I hope they do so. The administration (as well as every councilor) owes it to the honest, taxpaying businesses and residents of the city of Plainfield to demonstrate fairness, transparency, and ethical behavior. That this illegal operation was being run out of Plainfield’s Recreation Division is bad enough—to further obfuscate through silence is worse.
For those who have asked that the city council conduct its own investigation—that would be the next step. It behooves us to root out corruption wherever it exists.
Click here for a news story this morning about corruption in Trenton’s municipal government:

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack's house is searched by FBI agents

All best,
Ps: To the anonymous individual who keeps posting vague information about a 4th of July vendor contract from 2002 or thereabouts, you should ask the Recreation Division for information about that. As I was not on the council back then, I have no knowledge of what you are talking about. The city council in 2002 was comprised of Elizabeth Urquhart-1st Ward, Bob Ferraro-2nd Ward (deceased), Malcolm Dunn-3rd Ward, Joanne Hollis-4th Ward, Albert Hendricks-1st & 4th Ward At-large, Adrian Mapp-2nd & 3rd Ward At-large, and Joseph Montgomery-Citywide At-large. Several of these individuals are still around, so you would have to ask them whether they were apprised of possible wrongdoing back then, and whether or not they did a full investigation of the Recreation Division, along with any findings. 


  1. Thanks for keeping up on this, Rebecca. I wrote the mayor and copied the email to Gerry Green and Mark Spivey.

    Have a good day.

    Bob Bolmer

  2. Rebecca you are just disgusting, you need to stop doing the white man's bid. We know you don't like BLACK men but please in your eyes only white is right. I watched you kiss up to Dave Kochel, Al Restaino, and now the new acting Corporation Council. When Dan Williamson was there you stayed on his back. We have watched you try to take down Mr. Eric watson also. You give Plainfield a bad name with all this garbage.

  3. I posted the above comment by "Anonymous at 2:34 PM" so that folks can see the depths of ignorance, hate, misogyny, homophobia, and fear that reside in the minds of some people who live here. Clearly, my writing about the unethical, fraudulent, and illegal activities that occur in this administration has caused this individual to lash out in this despicable way.

    Instead of standing with residents who want to be assured that they and their children are being served with honesty, openness and integrity (see quote above), "Anonymous, 2:34 PM" would rather wallow in willful and depraved ignorance.

    I am most offended, though, by the notion that doing what is right is "the white man's bid," which suggests that "Anonymous, 2:34 PM" thinks that black people have no sense of values or ethics, and that we are, by nature, criminal-minded--that is an unfortunate legacy.

    "Anonymous, 2:34 PM" suffers (with apparent willfulness) from a legacy that holds that black people are inferior--to what else could one ascribe such degrading commentary? I will end with one of my favorite quotes:

    "I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole." --Malcolm X

    All best,


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  5. Well said Rebecca, well said.

  6. Anonymous 2:34 PM. You are such an ignorant person to write this comment. Obviously you don't like yourself and suffer from low self-esteem to even think that Rebecca or anyone else for that matter would do "the white man's bid. How dumb of you to call Rebecca "disgusting?" You are the disgusting one here. Could it be that you are a BLACK man that don't like BLACK women or maybe you are a BLACK woman wishing you could have a White man? These remarks are particularly offensive. You give Plainfield a bad name with your vile thoughts. The statement you made show the hatred and racist nature that resides within you. To thine ownself be true and stop hating on Rebecca for doing what is right for the city of Plainfield.

  7. To 2:34pm - what exactly is the white man's bid? You exemplify what is wrong with Plainfield. Lots of hate and anger in this city - black against white, black against Latino, and vice versa. Don't be a jerk.

    Does it matter who asked for the additional $250 (illegally) to get a permit for the july 7th festivities? Is it OK if it is a black person? So, black people can, and are expected to be thieves? That's OK?

    I'll tell you what - if you were fleeced out of the $250 bucks, my bet is you would go running and screaming to Rebecca for help because you know she would work to get things rectified. Even if the person turned out to be black.

    Get a grip, realize that there are idiots that come in all colors, sizes, genders, and ethnic persuasions, and let's all do what we know in our hearts is the right thing.

    And, thanks, Rebecca, for all your hard work.

  8. To Anonymous at 12:37 PM,

    I appreciate your support, but I have to disagree with the portion of your commentary where you state "Lots of hate and anger in this city - black against white, black against Latino, and vice versa."

    I heartily disagree with that contention. I have lived in Plainfield now for nearly 15 years. The overwhelming majority of the people here are kind, accepting, loving, and openhearted--at least in my experience.

    However, there is a contingent of demagogues who continue to avoid the right, just, and moral thing to do and who continue to mislead, lie, and deflect from the truth.

    The people most hurt by theft, corruption, and lack of adequate municipal services in our city are those whom Christ calls "the least" among us, and for anyone to deflect the shortcomings of any administration (in being forthright, transparent, and ethical) toward some obtuse and deluded notion of racial solidarity is an affront to all people in our city.