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Monday, June 4, 2012


Yesterday, I received a copy of a mailing done by Adrian's opponent, which was filled with lies, along with such a stunning lack of knowledge about the city council's legislative role that I am at a loss as to how this individual could ever think he was qualified to hold municipal office.

I will detail below why Adrian should be an overwhelming "YES" and why the progressive members of the council support his re-election.
  • Adrian brings financial expertise to the council as a Certified Municipal Finance Officer and is chairman of the Council’s Finance Committee.
  • Adrian brings 21st century vision and energy to Plainfield.
  • Adrian has been endorsed by progressive city council members McWILLIAMS, STORCH, & ME.
  • Adrian has led the move to absorb the PMUA back into the city so you can receive a tax deduction.
  • Adrian led the development of the long-vacant Tepper’s building, the first downtown project in 30 years.
  • Adrian discovered $1.7 million dollar error in mayor’s budget and created workable solution to fix it.
  • Adrian voted to restore full funding to the Plainfield Public Library and its literacy and children’s programs.

Now, below is why Rasheed should be rejected as a legislator in Plainfield with a huge "NO" from voters:

Rasheed has admitted that he is only running because he was forced to resign from the  school board. His constant refrain has been, "Let the mayor be the mayor"--well, we've seen those results.
  • Rasheed's mailer demonstrates that he lacks knowledge of municipal budgeting and finance--he is blaming Adrian for the MAYOR'S sloppy, wasteful, inaccurate budget blunders. He clearly has absolutely no understanding of how budgets are run and so blames the council for the mayor's critical omissions and "glaring errors"--and yet he says, "Let the mayor be the mayor." 
  • Rasheed blames the council, and Adrian in particular, for the mayor's inability to attract qualified candidates to serve in her administration--and yet he says, "Let the mayor be the mayor." 
  • Rasheed supports incompetence in city hall by remaining silent on mayor’s role in the numerous budget blunders--and yet he says, "Let the mayor be the mayor."
  • Rasheed hasn't said a word about mayor’s self-serving proposal to cut library funding by 40%--and yet he says, "Let the mayor be the mayor."
  • Rasheed actually LIED about the council's funding for the summer youth program--how can that be, for someone who proclaims that his name means "truth?"
  • Rasheed ruthlessly exploited our children for cheap political gain by making up stuff about Adrian for his mailer.
  • Rasheed’s idea of “economic development?” A “FLEA MARKET” in the 4th Ward, where he lived until moving to the Third Ward a few years ago to take advantage of senior citizen housing.
  • Rasheed remains vague about the role of his PMUA Commissioner friends and the $1million payout--preferring to talk about his "flea market" idea.
  • Rasheed has consistently distorted Adrian’s record, yet calls him “a friend.” 
  • Rasheed is backed by a local real estate company (Campbell) that owes Plainfield thousands and thousands of $$$$ in back taxes and sewer charges. 
After listening to Rasheed's proposals for the city, it is clear that he lacks focus, lacks ideas, and lacks energy to serve. As a community activist, he has done good work for prisoner re-entry, but there is no way that he can be effective as a legislator when he has no depth of understanding about the separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches of government, and when all he wants to do is "Let the mayor be the mayor." Rasheed has shown himself to be UNINFORMED about issues that matter to you. 

There is one choice: 

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