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Friday, May 4, 2012

Veronica (Roni) Taylor: Democrat for Plainfield!

By now, many of you (my small band of readers--lol) know that I am running Democrat Roni Taylor's grassroots campaign to serve as your next At-large City Councilwoman. Roni is running for the vacant seat, as Annie McWilliams has decided not to run when her current term ends. Over the next four weeks, I will be outlining why Roni is MY CHOICE for the At-large council seat, and why I think SHE SHOULD BE YOURS. We have been walking through neighborhoods all over the city, trying to reach as many voters as possible, to hear your concerns, and to enlist your support. Roni is an independent thinker, beholden to no one but the residents of Plainfield. She has an unmatched record as a public servant, and will bring her energy, thoughtfulness, and consensus-building skills to the council table!

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