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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adrian Mapp for Council--the BEST CHOICE for Plainfield!

Adrian has been endorsed by Cory Storch, Annie McWilliams, and me.

As we move into the final ten days of this primary campaign season, I want to urge you to support City Council President Adrian Mapp as he works toward re-election as the Third Ward Councilman. As others have stated, there is no better choice than Adrian. He has served the Third Ward effectively, efficiently, and with distinction. His accomplishments speak for themselves: as councilman, Adrian led the first major commercial development in our downtown--the Tepper's project, which has brought revenue to our city; Adrian led the effort to get the roads reconstructed--during his first tenure as council president, we got 22 roads done. There are many, many more!

Adrian recently led the council in the passage of 3 bond ordinances which will result in more than 30 roads being completed this year; it is Adrian's financial expertise as a Certified Municipal Finance Officer (Adrian also has an MBA in International Business and is a C.P.A.)  that has led to the discovery of current budget issues--Adrian will be able to shepherd us smoothly through the process--given his experience in municipal finance.

His opponent, who frankly admitted that he is only running because he was forced to resign from the school board, offers nothing in the way of ideas and progress for our city. He has no financial expertise on a level with Adrian's, has said absolutely nothing about how he would stabilize taxes, and his only economic development idea is to put a "flea market" on a vacant lot in the Fourth Ward so that vendors can sell their wares. 

The opponent has said nothing substantive on the PMUA or the hospital, and his constant refrain of "let the Mayor be the Mayor" illustrates to me, at least, that he views his legislative role as "hands off," despite the mayor's continued reckless attitude toward the use of public money.  His casual attitude of "let the Mayor be the Mayor"  also appears to willfully ignore the incompetence of this administration--he only focuses on occasional council disagreements with the administration, and not on the critical issues that lead to those disagreements. As Adrian has stated, "We pass about 90-95% of the ordinances the administration brings before us--but that other 5-10% that we fight about? We are fighting for YOU, the residents of Plainfield."

We need a careful steward of the public's money, and Adrian is just that. He will continue to be effective, he will work with the council to restore the mayor's cuts to the Plainfield Library budget, and he (along with me and Roni) will reject irresponsible development in our Third Ward neighborhoods. 

Now is not the time to vote for an individual who is only running because he can no longer serve on the school board. In my view, Plainfield simply cannot afford to have a seat-filler who will look askance at the depredations of this administration and not look critically at the budget. A vote for this individual would be a vote for continued disregard of the extreme mismanagement at city hall.

We need experienced legislators like Adrian. He is in on Line 8A. As you all know, I am also supporting Roni Taylor in Line 7B. Roni and Adrian will be a great team, along with Cory and me, to work with the council and the administration to effectively deal with the issues facing our city.

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  1. Adrian Mapp is well qualified and effectively represents the interests of the residents of PLainfield. No one could be more deserving of re-election.