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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Latino Action Network says YES to Marriage Equality!

Please read this press release from the Latino Action Network on its support for the "Marriage Equality and Religious Exemption Act.” Click here to read the bill. Labor leader (and Plainfield resident) Christian Estevez, who serves as the Executive Vice-President and Education Committee Chair of the Latino Action Network, has provided a link here for citizens to contact their Assembly representatives and urge them to vote “YES.” The press release is reproduced in its entirety below. Click here to be taken to the Latino Action Network's website.
Latino Action Network Announces Support 
For Marriage Equality

For Immediate Release: February 15, 2012
Frank Argote-Freyre, President – 908-670-0552
Christian Estevez, Executive Vice President – 973-418-7012

            The Latino Action Network [LAN] today announced its support for the Marriage Equality and Religious Exemption Act and urged quick passage by the State Legislature.

            “We congratulate the State Senate for passing the legislation on Monday and urge the Assembly to do the same tomorrow,” said Frank Argote-Freyre, President of the Latino Action Network. “Marriage Equality is an important civil rights issue and we believe it is long overdue in the state of New Jersey.”

            The members of the Latino Action Network believe that all people deserve equal rights under the law. The rights that are available to one group of people should be available to all people. These rights should extend to marriage. The right to marry the person you love should be available to everyone.
            "There should not be a double standard for same sex couples," added Argote-Freyre.

            The Latino Action Network was founded in 2009 to fight for political empowerment and defend civil rights.


  1. Great. Thanks for posting. I would never have known. But how does this help reduce my taxes?

  2. To anonymous at 3:05 pm: I am not sure why your are responding to this progressive action of LAN with this comment--nowhere does the press release state that this group's support of marriage equality would reduce your taxes. This post is not about taxes. The administration has not as yet introduced the budget. Increasing ratables in the city could reduce your taxes, theoretically--but as costs go up, taxes increases occur. Of course, if you are simply being snide, you don't really want an answer to the question you asked. Have a nice day.