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Thursday, December 29, 2011

PMUA Recyclables Pick Up Thursday, 12/29 AND Friday, 12/30

The PMUA representative I spoke with this morning assured me that recyclables would be picked up today and tomorrow, along with our regular collection, so please leave your blue cans and paper recycling out. Apparently, the authority was extremely short-handed yesterday. 

I have been in touch with constituents who have asked me about this, but anyone reading this post should let his or her neighbors know. Unfortunately, many people already dragged their cans to the side/backyard. 

Since we are in for another holiday weekend, it behooves the authority (in my humble opinion) to do all it can to publicize the late pick-up--perhaps a robocall to ratepayers letting folks know that they can bring their cans back to the curb. As of this morning, there was nothing on the web site.

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