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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Police Consolidation: Seconding Councilman Mapp's Shared Service Proposal for Countywide Police

About two weeks ago, my colleague from the Third Ward, Councilman Adrian Mapp, put forth (on his blog) a shared services proposal for Union County law enforcement and the municipalities within its borders. The proposal was sent to Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow, and I anxiously await his response to Councilman Mapp. 

Read Adrian's post here: Police Consolidation: A Shared Service Whose Time Has Arrived

I am writing here to second Adrian's proposal, and also to highlight an article in the Wednesday, August 3, 2011 Star-Ledger about the city of Camden signing on with their county as well as the state to do just what Adrian is championing for our own county. The article also notes that Morris County and Somerset County, respectively, are considering shared services as well. Click on the link the Star-Ledger article: Countywide police force proposal gains ground as Camden signs on

We have had nine murders this year alone, 
and many of our residents do not feel safe.  

Public safety is the number one issue that must be addressed in our city. Given the limited amount of money municipalities like Plainfield have to spend on police, it is imperative for us to be able to utilize the county's resources to help us fight crime more effectively. 

We all know that shared services are the way to save money in our state, and public safety takes up the largest chunk of tax dollars in municipalities. I am very supportive of a proposal that will make us safer and that will also save us money. 

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  1. Before considering "seconding" the proposal as a representative of the people please do further research. Would the police presence be in direct relationship to the population or social/economic status of the different communities that would be involved? Would the plan include Plainfield having the same police presence as some of the smaller communities as Winfield Park or Westfield. What about the value that exist with community based police, good resident appreciating the value of knowing some officers because they grew up here, live here and have a stake here. What is the plan for how police are to be deployed? The unfortunate reality is that you could have a police officer be deployed from a municipality within the county that has not had to adddress some of the concerns that our local police have and the result could be out of fear or naivety a shoot now and answer questions later.

  2. To Anonymous at 10:32 am: In seconding Councilman Mapp's "proposal," I am doing just that--seconding a proposal. The details of such a plan are being worked out in the agreement I mentioned regarding Camden. Clearly, any such proposal brought to Plainfield would have the input of the people of Plainfield--it's clear that, with 9 murders, several injuries, and dozens of shots fired, something needs to be done. It would behoove law enforcement authorities to work carefully with any such public safety plan before implementation. We will have the benefit of watching how the Camden plan unfolds.