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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquakes and Emergency Management Coordination in Plainfield

August 23, 2011 earthquake
The earthquake that many of us in Plainfield felt on Tuesday shortly before 2:00 pm served as a reminder that no one is immune from natural disasters (or terrorist attacks, for that matter). 

As a member of the city council's Public Safety Committee (chaired by Councilwoman Bridget Rivers), I will be asking the administration to share the emergency management plan for our city. When I worked as the Station Director for PCTV several years ago, the last project I worked on was coordinating the emergency response via the public access channel. I was terminated by the mayor before this project was completed, so the assumption I have is that someone else completed it. 

It is important for residents to know what to do in the event of an emergency, so I will post the administration's guidelines for public safety when they are sent to me. Ideally, they will also be posted on the city's web site. Where do residents turn for news?
How does Muhlenberg RMC figure into it? Are there automated robocalls or is reverse 911 set up to deal with calls? Where are the emergency shelters located? 

I will update when I receive the plan, and I will share it with everyone.

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  1. I commend the desire to see this issue completed, but let's face it Rebecca...something as simple as The Barclays...who did I get notifications from regarding road closures etc etc... SOUTH PLAINFIELD. Apparently small common sense things do require Rocket Scientists in Plainfield.

  2. Lots of luck. There has never been a satisfactory response at Council meetings when the question regarding the plan was asked.

  3. Thanks for looking into this, Rebecca. I don't find any emergency information on the city's website and this should be prominent. I won't hold my breath that this mayor has thought far enough ahead to care about the people of Plainfield in an emergency. She hasn't shown much forethought in the past, why think the leopard will change it's spots.

  4. I believe it was Old Doc who for the longest time kept asking for "The Plan" for Plainfield. To my knowledge it has never been produced to the public. I bnelieve we have an OEM manager and a team but I've seen no "Ready.Plainfield" as in Ready.Gov. Are we going to be ready or will we have unnecessary casualties and chaos in the possibility of disaster. Rebecca please see this through to fruition.

  5. Here's the kicker...Just got home from work a little while ago...What was on my answering machine??? But a reverse 911 call informing me of the precautions and steps to take regarding Hurricane Irene.
    Plainfield, we got your back, cause we're always one step behind!