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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Public Safety in Our Beloved Plainfield

First of all, regarding the July 2nd shootings on East Sixth Street, my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families--I know family members of both. This latest act of violence (resulting in the eighth murder of the year, as well as another injury) occurred in broad daylight on a holiday weekend. Witnesses must come forward to assist the police in finding the individual or individuals responsible. 

My constituents who reside in the Second and Third Wards of our city have, by now, read of the shootings, and have queried me on what the administration (the mayor and the public safety director, respectively) will be doing to end the violence in our city to make it safe for us all. I am also hearing from Plainfielders who reside in the other wards--all are feeling deep concern that there is no comprehensive and effective strategy in place.  

In my view, it is not enough to hold "forums" filled with platitudes that are sounding emptier and emptier--they are no substitute for an actual plan. Although I serve on the city council's Public Safety Committee (Councilwoman Rivers is the Chair), it is the responsibility of the administration to advise us of a comprehensive plan--both short-range and long-range--to ensure public safety. I will let you know when I receive a response.

In the meantime if you see any suspicious behavior, please call 911 immediately. Below is some additional information from our Police Division.

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Uniform Bureau
Commander - Captain Steven Soltys
The mission of the Uniform Bureau is to sustain existing compliance with the law and community standards by voluntary compliance with the law, reducing or elimination of criminal opportunities, protecting life and property, enforcing laws and ordinances, responding to calls for service, controlling and influencing community elements that affect patrol operations and criminal activities. The Uniform Bureau is responsible for providing twenty-four (24) hour patrols for the City, conducting preliminary investigation of complaints and enforcement of laws and ordinances.

Anonymous crime tips can be reported by calling 908-753-8477 or by emailing


  1. Please continue fighting for the voiceless and change the current political paradigm. You are doing what is right.....“You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

  2. I believe it's time to bring in the state and I am going to personally inquire with the state and see what could be done. This is ridiculous!