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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Proud To Tell It

It's necessary to constantly remind ourselves that we are not an abomination.*

I am blessed--blessed that my parents instilled in me a sense that I could be who I am. I know that I am "...fearfully and wonderfully made." I stand in solidarity with LGBT city workers, here and everywhere, who have to deal with homophobia in the workplace. As a co-adviser of my institution's Gay/Straight Alliance, I will be sharing the events of the past few days with the student members as we discuss ways to effectively combat bullying and hate. Carl Bean, founder of Unity Fellowship Church, had his own way of expressing his pride as a child of God. Click on the link below:

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* Marlon was attempting to express our humanity in all its permutations. I concur with him, especially on behalf of those who have not yet internalized his sentiments.


  1. Beautiful Rebecca..nice post.
    I always find it amazing to find those "disciples of God" who preach hate and speak with a vile tongue toward those who are different. I am sure God appreciates them attempting to do his work, but he'll judge all in the end on his terms...not theirs. I've always been fascinate with why people care what goes on in my bedroom...I most certainly do NOT want to know what goes on in theirs...

  2. Margaret A. LewisApril 7, 2011 at 1:51 PM

    Thanks Rebecca!My heart goes out to all of the young people who are born into homophobic homes and churches and are told from the time they reach an age of understanding that there is something "wrong" with them and that their "creator", God, if you are a Christian, hates you. In many cases, they never learn that God would never hate a being that He/She created and that God created them, just the way they are.

  3. To Rob and Dr. Lewis,

    Here's a quote from the site "Son of [James] Baldwin":

    "Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?"

    All best,


  4. Rebecca, I couldn't agree with you more.

    If you look at any religion - it's about accepting (as we are) and loving one another. I personally don't think an all-powerful entity is concerned about the things we get our panties in a twist over. If you believe a God created everything, then homosexuality is just one part of that creation and expression. Just like we all come in different variations, all the different plants and species on the planet (some with interesting behaviors) - if you're "religious", usually the doctrine is God created everything.

    So how could anything God created be bad?

    Our society is so superfical. Media is all about having a certian look, being with the crowd, wearing certain clothes, having certain possessions. acting a certain way, following a certain path.

    Prejudice seems to stay with us, through every generation. Maybe it's something in our DNA to group up in a clique for protection, and point to those that are "different" (whatever that difference is) as somehow the enemy.

    Education, I think, is the key or, perhaps, really getting what religion is all about.

    Olive Lynch