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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Freeholder Linda Carter: Notable Woman in Politics!

Linda, our "Notable Woman"
I wanted to give a "shout-out" to newly-minted Union County Freeholder Linda Carter, who was honored as one of 2011's "Notable Women in Politics" recently by the Union County Women's Political Caucus, along with Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz of the 21st Legislative District. It was truly a wonderful sight to see Linda receive recognition for her longstanding commitment as a public servant and for her role as a woman working in government. 

The Women's Political Caucus's stated mission is to increase "...the number of progressive women in elected and appointed positions in government, protecting reproductive freedom, and promoting equal rights for women."  After being lauded for her work over the past several years, Linda offered her own remarks on being involved in politics and on her efforts to truly make a difference. 

Linda with Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz, LD-21
Linda had her own cheering section at our table, including her big brother Ricky, her girlfriends DaShawn (with her charming little one, Mya, in tow), Erica, Dawn, my colleagues Councilmen Adrian Mapp and Cory Storch, and Dee Dameron, the New Democrat city council candidate for the 1st and 4th Ward At-large (Linda's recently vacated seat). As we sat enjoying the food, speeches, and conversation, we reflected on Linda's entry into Plainfield city politics back in 2003, as an off-the-line New Democrat, running with Cory Storch in Column C.* 

I was proud to have been Linda's campaign manager during that very first run, in which she triumphed over two opponents, and to see her elevated to the county level makes me prouder still. She is an inspiration to women like me. The other speakers at the event detailed the struggles that continue to confront women candidates, including sexism and the "old boys" network that shuts women out of the process, along with continuing difficulties in raising money for their campaigns. All paid tribute to the pioneers who trailblazed the paths women such as Linda now trod upon, women such as Shirley Chisolm and Bella Abzug. 

Linda has the brains as well as the people skills to go quite far, so I wouldn't be surprised to see her rise even higher in her next political iteration. Thank you, Linda, for the service you have given to our city. As a new councilor, as a progressive, and as a woman, I hope one day to be as "notable" as you! Congrats!

Your friend,


*The New Democrats for Plainfield are back in Column "C" this year, so it looks like deja vu all over again, as the saying goes!


  1. Congratulations Linda!
    Thank you for this refreshing reading Rebecca.


  2. Linda Carter for Plainfield Mayor. . . she is the only one that can build the bridge to save us. . . .run Linda run.

  3. How does one go from being a "new democrat" to then accepting a freeholder seat from the democrat establishment? This makes no sense to me. I cannot applaud Carter until if and when she proves that she will not be controlled. We haven't seen that yet.