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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Clarification on "Endorsements" and the "Democratic" Process

New Democrats Rebecca and Cory
Over the past few days, as I have perused some of the local blog postings and commentary, some individuals have been repeating the fiction that I asked Jerry Green to give me “the line” when I ran for my city council seat last year. Here’s the clarification: I didn’t ask for the line to be given to me. 

What I asked for (feeling pretty secure that it would never happen) was his “endorsement” (as chairman) to the 68-member Plainfield Democratic City Committee. The reason I did this was because, back in 2008, when Annie McWilliams won her primary election running off-the-line as a New Democrat, Jerry Green said that if Annie had simply asked him, he would have given her his endorsement--hahaha. So, I figured, I am not going to have anyone say I didn’t ask—this was a running joke with my team leading up to the committee meeting.

I was jokingly suggesting the chairman endorse me because, as I had told him several times, beginning in October 2009, he could save himself the cost of a primary, as I was confident that I would win--Jerry is always complaining about how much money the "New Dems" cost him when his candidates lose--lol. 

After I won, I said to him, “I told you that you were wasting your money on that primary, Jerry.” Jerry agreed with me (afterwards, of course--lol), and even came to my headquarters two or three times during the fall to discuss the Pallone campaign and Pallone's "Tea Party" opponent. Since I was now on the “line,” the congressman would need my help in getting out the vote for the fall election. Adrian and Cory and I (and the rest of our team) worked hard to get the vote out among 2nd and 3rd Ward residents, and we all canvassed door-to-door with Linda Carter as well.

Given the way in which Jerry decided to run that primary campaign last year—having his candidate attack my community involvement, my employment, my very livelihood—and having Jerry himself send out a desperate, last-minute mailing filled with absolute lies and a bizarre reference to my sexual orientation, I am hopeful that he learned that folks are interested in issues. I hope his candidates understand that as well.

I had wanted the COMMITTEE to VOTE on the candidate they preferred to run for the election, and I urged the committee to support me. But there was no vote. Jerry simply gave the line to Rashid.  CLICK HERE for the blog post I put up last year on this topic. This year, it happened again—there was no “democracy” on the part of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee. 

While at the committee meeting last week, I asked if there would be a vote. Jerry said no. Neither of his candidates, Tony Rucker nor Vera Greaves, stood up to say that they would prefer a vote by the committee members on the chairman’s recommendation. They sat there and said nothing, and Jerry gave them the line—they are his candidates. 

As an independent candidate, I didn't depend on his money to get me through--I sent out letters requesting donations, and I paid for a lot of stuff myself. I didn’t feel pressured to mitigate my positions to appease him, the mayor, the PMUA, or any other entity. I simply spoke my mind, stated my positions, and I didn’t equivocate on anything.  I hope that all candidates running do the same: don’t mitigate their positions to appease Jerry Green, the mayor, the PMUA, or any other entity, and that they simply speak their minds, state their positions, and don’t equivocate on anything--it's easy to state a clear position--on WBLS funds, on recreation, on taxes, on economic development, on crime, on the persistence of incompetent leadership on the part of the mayor, and so forth.   

Good luck to everyone who is running.

All best,


P.S. Regarding Cory’s 2007 campaign, I was not involved in that campaign—I was not a member of the PDCC at that time. As a matter of fact, I played no role in any campaigns that year. I was in the process of moving, starting a new job, and dealing with the illnesses and deaths of some close friends. I don’t know if there was a vote back then, but I have always maintained that there should be a vote on any candidates who come before the committee—otherwise, what’s the committee for?


  1. Rebecca, I love your candor, I love your "here are the facts", because just look at our Mayor, her employees and our local Assemblyman whose attitudes are quite simply: " HEY, what's the truth got to do with it??"

    Let's all do our best this election cycle to remind people to vote SMART. NOT Democrat, NOT Republican, NOT Independent .... simply ask them. Has the incumbent in any race, party, position helped Plainfield become better ? No ? Vote against them.
    G.R.I.P - Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians

    Voting for Jerry Green or Linda Stender because they are Democrats is why Plainfield is ignored.

  2. Excerpts from Chairman Green’s blog post of April 12th in quotes with my comments:

    ‘…so I find it very odd that from the beginning; they have a problem with me supporting Tony Rucker as the candidate for this year’s Primary race…‘
    Jerry, So Tony Rucker is your hand-picked candidate?
    ‘…Now that I am using the same process, in every comment in which she (Council Woman Williams) references the City Committee, she wants to make me sound like a dictator. I guess in her mind, the rules change when they are convenient to her…’
    Then you don’t mind the public seeing the video of your behavior at the meeting before last?
    ‘…So I feel that it is very unfair to be critical of Tony Rucker, because I feel he is the best candidate for the second ward….’
    Critical judgment is crucial in deciding if Tony Rucker is qualified to serve as a council person or should we take your word for it?
    ‘…He made it very clear to me that he will not be a rubber stamper, and that he is running to make life better for ALL of the residents of Plainfield, including the second ward. He made no promises to me, and I made no promises to him…’
    So did the 3 council members you claim to have in your pocket.

    ‘…I knew I was making the right decision by supporting a new face, a person with new ideas, and a person who wants the best for the City of Plainfield….’
    What ideas?

    ‘…Already, some of the negative comments that have been said lead me into the next issue in which I would like to bring clarification. Number one, when I mention the Prosecutor, I have taken to him numerous letters and blog comments that I felt had crossed the line, and some have been investigated, but none of them crossed the line…’
    What about your ad hominen attacks on citizens of Plainfield?
    ‘…Already, I see council members spending more time talking about investigation. Whether it is the $20,000 the Mayor spent, or other issues I feel are minor when compared to this year’s budget…’
    You do agree that Plainfield has a right to know if someone broke the law?

    ‘So I would like the City of Plainfield to wake up today and hold their elected officials accountable to the millions of dollars the City will lose in this year’s budget. ‘
    Does that include Jerry Green who bills himself as the 3rd most powerful man in Trenton?

    ‘Just recently, we lost millions of dollars in education funding, and are on the brink of losing millions in transportation funding…’
    Dude, my man, you Jerry Green cast deciding vote to end Abbot funding and assured the people of Plainfield that it would have no impact. Aren’t you being just a little hypocritical?
    Chairman Green the people of Plainfield are not stupid. Times have changed when will you?

  3. Rebecca neither did your canidate Cory Storch stand up and say anything either. Go Figure

  4. To 7:43 am--I can't speak for him, but it's possible that Cory, who had just said he wouldn't ask for the line or take it if it were offered, already figured Jerry wouldn
    t have a vote.

    To "Joan"--no, I will not publish your obnoxious comment.