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Sunday, April 17, 2011

City Council Town Hall Meeting for Residents This Wednesday, April 20--Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Cedarbrook School, 1049 Central Avenue

Please note this is a slightly revised iteration from an earlier blog post--updated a bit!

Dear residents, 

The Plainfield City Council will be holding its third Town Hall Meeting this Wednesday, April 20, from 7:00-9:00 pm at Cedarbrook Elementary School, located at 1049 Central Avenue City council town halls offer an opportunity for you to speak directly to the council about issues of concern facing our city. 

The residents at some of the previous town halls have voiced their thoughts and feelings on rising taxes, gang violence, job opportunities, road reconstruction, speeding, the extraordinarily high PMUA fees, the refusal of the PMUA commissioners to abide by the Interlocal Services agreement, home foreclosures, code enforcement, the investigation into misappropriation and possibly illegal use of city funds without council knowledge or approval, low turnout for city recreation programs, flood zone maps, government wastefulness, possible uses for the Armory building if it were put on the tax rolls, public safety issues, unfilled mayoral cabinet positions, and lack of responsiveness on the part of the administration to the residents. 

Although some of these issues are beyond the ability of the city council to resolve (as we are legally constrained from being involved in the day-to-day operations of the city), please know that all your concerns will be directly and immediately communicated to the mayor (who is also the acting city administrator) and that the council will make sure there is accountability to you as residents regarding how public funds are allocated and spent. In addition, we will be sure to direct you to the appropriate division or department so that you have the ability to follow up on your own as well.

One of the major points of criticism that I received about the two prior meetings was that not enough residents received an opportunity to speak because city council members "hogged" a lot of the time with long-winded and repetitive answers to questions. First and foremost, these town halls are designed for US to hear from YOU, not the other way around. As one with a tendency to be verbose (lol), I will certainly keep that in mind (if called upon to respond directly), and I pledge to you that will keep my responses brief. You can also reach me at another time to talk more in-depth.

I am hopeful that these final two town hall meetings are filled to capacity with residents who want to work with the council to help move our city forward--I was heartened by the desire on the part of many of those in attendance at the first two to volunteer their expertise (financial, legal, etc.) to the city!

As your 2nd and 3rd Ward Councilor At-Large, however, I may call additional town meetings of my own to hear from those of you who are unable to attend this current round. As always, you may reach out to me via cell phone or email (at left).

Finally, please note that the fourth town hall is scheduled for May 11--please share with your friends and neighbors:

4th Town Meeting: Clinton Elementary School on Wednesday, May 11 at 7:00 pm
All best,



  1. Thank you. We appreciate all that you are doing in the city

  2. Disband the PMUA