The Business of the City: Miscellaneous

Monday, November 1, 2010


Tuesday, November 2nd is Election Day. President Obama is under attack, and he needs our help. The so-called "Tea Party" Republicans are trying to derail the Democratic reform agenda. Our Congressman, Frank Pallone, is one of President Obama's strongest allies in the House. We have to keep Congress Democratic, but we can only do this if YOU come out to vote. Plainfield is crucial to Rep. Pallone's victory, as we all know. We need folks to come out. Our great city showed its support for the President two years ago--this year, your support for our congressman is how you can show that you still support President Obama.

I am urging you to vote for Frank Pallone for Congress--he is at the top of the Column A ticket. I am also on the ballot, running in Column A for the 2nd and 3rd Ward At-large city council seat. 

Please don't forget to read and vote on the ballot measure, the "New Jersey Wage Assessment Amendment," (Public Question 1). I am urging you to vote YES on this question! 

I would also like to invite you to join me, along with my campaign team, friends, and supporters, along with my special guests Councilman Cory Storch and Councilman Adrian Mapp, at the New Democrats Headquarters (110 East 7th Street) as we watch the election returns come in. We will be gathering at about 7:30 pm with food, drink, music, and camaraderie as we await the election results.

All best,