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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Sincere Thanks to the Voters of Plainfield!

Dear Friends,

I am writing to thank you, my fellow Democrats, for your support of my successful grassroots campaign to become the Democratic candidate for the 2nd and 3rd Ward at-large City Council seat. I want to thank the New Democrats for Plainfield Club for their hard work in helping me win the Democratic nomination by maintaining our consistent focus on ethical leadership and good government.
This was, to me, the best kind of campaign — going door-to-door throughout the two wards and trying to reach as many homes as possible, hearing the questions and concerns of voters, sharing ideas, and working to convince 2nd and 3rd Ward Democrats that I could be an agent of real change in our city if nominated and, ultimately, elected to serve.
Although I didn't get to knock on every door this spring, I will be out again this summer and fall to continue canvassing and visiting block association meetings and events. I am a grassroots person, and I want to make sure that all residents in the two wards know that they can reach out to me anytime. I want to thank all the phone callers, all the folks who walked with me, and all those who endorsed my run. I want to thank all the people who contributed money — every donation went directly to the campaign.
I also want to thank Councilmen Rashid Burney and Don Davis for their service to Plainfield. Although we have had differing strategies in terms of how best to move the city forward, I have never, ever doubted the sincerity of either Rashid or Don as dedicated Democrats. Both adhere to the highest ideals of the Democratic Party, and each has pledged to work with me and the rest of our party in November.
Finally, I want to thank all Plainfield voters (Democrats, Republicans, and non-party affiliated voters) for coming out on June 8 to participate in the primary. Citizen involvement is of crucial importance in making our city a better place, and your participation is greatly needed every primary season as well as in November. 
I thank you, Plainfield.
All best,


  1. Rebecca!

    We hope you start to blog again soon. Mr. Piv certainly has a lot to say, and with your experience and expertise on all matters Plainfield, we'd like to hear your viewpoint on pressing Plainfield issues. Noember is right around the corner!

    Have a safe & happy 4th!

    A Rebecca fan

  2. Hi, "fan"--lol!

    Yes, I will be blogging throughout the summer--just needed a bit of a break--campaigning is quite exhausting!

    All best,