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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Sincere Thanks to the Voters of Plainfield!

Dear Friends,

I am writing to thank you, my fellow Democrats, for your support of my successful grassroots campaign to become the Democratic candidate for the 2nd and 3rd Ward at-large City Council seat. I want to thank the New Democrats for Plainfield Club for their hard work in helping me win the Democratic nomination by maintaining our consistent focus on ethical leadership and good government.
This was, to me, the best kind of campaign — going door-to-door throughout the two wards and trying to reach as many homes as possible, hearing the questions and concerns of voters, sharing ideas, and working to convince 2nd and 3rd Ward Democrats that I could be an agent of real change in our city if nominated and, ultimately, elected to serve.
Although I didn't get to knock on every door this spring, I will be out again this summer and fall to continue canvassing and visiting block association meetings and events. I am a grassroots person, and I want to make sure that all residents in the two wards know that they can reach out to me anytime. I want to thank all the phone callers, all the folks who walked with me, and all those who endorsed my run. I want to thank all the people who contributed money — every donation went directly to the campaign.
I also want to thank Councilmen Rashid Burney and Don Davis for their service to Plainfield. Although we have had differing strategies in terms of how best to move the city forward, I have never, ever doubted the sincerity of either Rashid or Don as dedicated Democrats. Both adhere to the highest ideals of the Democratic Party, and each has pledged to work with me and the rest of our party in November.
Finally, I want to thank all Plainfield voters (Democrats, Republicans, and non-party affiliated voters) for coming out on June 8 to participate in the primary. Citizen involvement is of crucial importance in making our city a better place, and your participation is greatly needed every primary season as well as in November. 
I thank you, Plainfield.
All best,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thank You, Plainfield!


Update, per County Clerk:

Williams: 831
Burney: 568
Davis: 200

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Endorsed by Plainfield Community Activists


As your Democratic City Council candidate for the Second and Third Ward At-Large seat, I am honored to be endorsed as the candidate of choice by these prominent Plainfield activists, educators, law enforcement, and elected officials!

Plainfield Police Captain Siddeeq El-Amin (Ret.): "Rebecca's dedication to public safety on behalf of all Plainfield residents is a refreshing, uplifting change in climate and is evident in her desire to work with the Plainfield Police Division to raise morale and advocate for more effective deployment by supporting the need for visionary leadership in the Police Division."

Mrs. Dorothy Henry, Educator and Senior Advocate (Ret.): "Rebecca fulfills the promise of the civil rights generation that came before her--the "dream" of Dr. King and now the "hope" represented by President Barack Obama--she is highly educated, enthusiastic, personable, and passionate about our city--a brilliant role model!"
(from left to right: Dr. Inez P. Durham; Democratic Committeewoman (2-5) Carol Bicket; Carol Anderson-Lewis; Rebecca; Dorothy Henry; Linda Barnes.)

 Second Ward Councilman Cory Storch: "Rebecca is smart, ethical, and independent. She will always put Plainfield first. We need her voice on the council at this time--she is my choice for change!"

Third Ward Councilman Adrian Mapp: "Rebecca will be a voice of reason on the council, she'll be visible in the community, and she'll always fight for what's best for Plainfield. Rebecca will be guided by the dictates of her conscience, not by the dictates of political bosses."

Donald Van Blake, Educator (Ret.) and Tennis Activist, pictured with a bronze plaque in his honor at the Donald Van Blake Tennis Courts.

"Donald is one of the honorary chairs of my campaign for change. I met him several years ago when I developed and curated "At the March: Plainfield Remembers," an oral history/photo exhibit for the Historical Society of Plainfield, commemorating the Plainfield presence at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, at which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his 'I Have a Dream' speech. I have been working with Donald on his own life-long dream of creating a sports and education complex right here in Plainfield."--Rebecca

I am proud to be endorsed by these outstanding individuals--they are our neighbors and friends. I hope you will join them in supporting my candidacy for the Plainfield city council by voting for me on Tuesday!

Rebecca Williams for City Council



Column D
Vote Tuesday, June 8

Friday, June 4, 2010

Adrian Mapp Endorses Rebecca Williams for Council

I have been endorsed by 3rd Ward Councilman Adrian Mapp to join him on the Plainfield City Council in the 2nd and 3rd Ward At-Large seat. Here is the link to Adrian's blog:

From Adrian's Blog, May 25, 2010: I endorse Rebecca, Community Leader and Activist!
On Tuesday, June 8, 2010, voters in the 2nd and 3rd wards of Plainfield will go to the polls to choose a Democratic councilperson to represent their interests on the Plainfield City council. They will choose from amongst three candidates, most outstanding among them being Rebecca Williams, a tireless grassroots community activist who has been fighting for good government ever since the day she arrived in Plainfield thirteen years ago.
Rebecca is an educator who has spent many years of her life shaping the minds of young people at Essex County College, where she is a professor, and many hours stimulating the minds of our senior citizens when she taught American literature, politics, and cultural studies at the Plainfield Senior Citizens Center. Rebecca has worked for many community organizations (Plainfield Adult School Advisory Board, Plainfield Cultural & Heritage Commission, Al McWilliams Armory Advisory Committee, League of Women Voters) as a volunteer and has supported a number of social causes in an effort to improve the quality of life for Plainfield's diverse population. She has worked on several policy initiatives over the years that have given her a wealth of knowledge that I know she will bring to the council table.

In addition, she has dedicated years of volunteer work in voter registration, voter education, and organizing and conducting school board and municipal candidate forums as an officer of the League of Women Voters of Plainfield to ensure that Plainfield residents are aware of the issues of most concern to them.

Since arriving in Plainfield, Rebecca has headed the campaigns of several of Plainfield's current and past elected officials, and has, over the years, acquired firsthand knowledge of the issues facing city residents by visiting their homes and listening to their concerns. As a founding member of the New Democrats for Plainfield, Rebecca has focused on policy initiatives for the betterment of Plainfield. Rebecca has demonstrated, through her civic involvement as a volunteer on local boards and commissions, through community clean-ups, food drives, and community cultural events, that she is committed to serving the people of Plainfield.

Rebecca will be a voice of reason on the council and she'll be visible in the community—as she always has been—and she will always fight for what's best for Plainfield. Having worked with Rebecca for many years, I know her to be a principled individual who will not be swayed by the direction of the wind, tethered to unsavory forces, tarred by the hurricane forces of political expediency, nor compromised by selfish opportunism at the expense of others.

Rebecca will be guided by the dictates of her conscience, not by the dictates of others.

Rebecca Williams has a vision for Plainfield, one that includes an aggressive marketing plan to attract developers from around the country, stabilize property taxes, enhance our property maintenance codes and property values, improve the morale of our police department (currently at an all time low), and improve the quality of life for our residents.

My friends, we need a change--we need fresh new ideas on the council, and Rebecca, who is a force for action, not silence and acquiescence, will work with the rest of the council to provide the true checks and balances that are needed to help Plainfield move forward.

It is for all of the above reasons that my 2nd Ward colleague Cory Storch and I have enthusiastically endorsed Rebecca to be our next councilperson for the 2nd and 3rd Ward At-Large seat on the Plainfield City Council.

Please join us on Tuesday, June 8th, and vote for Rebecca, who is TRULY INDEPENDENT, ETHICAL, OUTSPOKEN, DEDICATED, DETERMINED, DECISIVE, and not beholden to anyone but the people of Plainfield.

She is a REAL DEMOCRAT who believes in good, transparent government—not empty “business as usual” rhetoric, and who will remain visible and accessible to her constituents.

On June 8th, I will be voting for Rebecca, the DEMOCRAT in COLUMN D, I hope you do too. Please take a minute to view the video below--you will see Rebecca, the Community Leader and Activist, in action!

Regards, Adrian
Endorsed by Councilors 
Cory Storch (Ward 2) and Adrian Mapp (Ward 3)

Rebecca Williams, City Council Candidate
New Democrats for Plainfield


Column D
Vote Tuesday, June 8

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cory Storch Endorses Rebecca Williams for Plainfield City Council

I have been endorsed by 2nd Ward Councilman Cory Storch as his choice to join him on the Plainfield City Council in the 2nd & 3rd Ward At-Large seat. Here is the link to Cory's blog:
Cory Storch for Good Government in Plainfield 
From Cory's Blog, June 3, 2010: Rebecca Williams for Plainfield City Council 
I am voting for Rebecca Williams for Plainfield City Council in the June 8 primary election. Plainfield needs a strong, intelligent, independent voice to join the City Council at this critical point in time and Rebecca fits this description completely.

She is not reluctant to take a principled stand in the face of pressure from "the powers that be". This will be a very useful trait as we approach the new budget year. Plainfield is not out of the fiscal woods by a long shot, and the temptation to the Administration to outsource its way out of difficulties is questionable at best. It will take a strong Council to put the interests of Plainfield taxpayers first and make prudent budget decisions in the face of special interest groups. Rebecca is a person who will weigh the needs of Plainfield and not cave in to business as usual.

The City Council provides checks and balances to the Mayor and her administration. When the Mayor shows no willingness to cooperate with the Council as is sometimes the case, a strong City Council is needed to set Plainfield in the right direction. In the past few years we have seen wasteful spending, insensitive managers and ineffective services. Two examples are the Mayor's wasteful use of police bodyguards for herself and her inability to direct the Recreation Department to cooperate with the Queen City Baseball League. Rebecca would have made a difference in both situations. Only a strong City Council can stand up and help the administration make corrections that our residents need and demand. Vote for Rebecca Williams on June 8. Plainfield needs her. 
Endorsed by Councilors 
Cory Storch (Ward 2) and Adrian Mapp (Ward 3)

Rebecca Williams, City Council Candidate
New Democrats for Plainfield


Column D
Vote Tuesday, June 8

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Honest, Ethical Leadership: Setting the Record Straight on Rashid's Lies


When Barack Obama was running for president, he was attacked on a number of fronts by misleading information and some outright lies. Barack said that every lie must be answered—taking a page from his campaign note book, that is what I am doing today. I am answering the lies that Rashid Burney, an exemplar of dishonest, unprincipled, unethical leadership, has posted on his campaign blog. That he would tell such lies that can be so easily disproved by the facts shows a astonishing degree of deceitfulness.
In an attempt to obfuscate the issues facing Plainfield, Rashid has decided to smear my reputation as a community media activist. Those who know me know that I had a career in the independent film/video industry in New York for seventeen years, serving for a number of years on the board of directors of Women Make Movies, the largest feminist non-profit media arts organization in the country. I also taught in the Graduate Film School at NYU’s Tisch School for many years. My reputation in New York among media activists and independent filmmakers is untarnished. In addition, I am a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and I have always advocated for open access for citizens to public media. Rashid knows all this, but instead prefers to attack me by serving up blatant lies about my service to the city as the first Station Director for Plainfield’s public access channel. That Rashid, who knows how hard I worked to get the city council meetings taped, would lie about my record is absolutely stunning, but certainly shows that he will go to any lengths—even outright lying—to try to be re-elected. Rashid goes on to insinuate that I was deliberately not taping them because I didn’t want the public to see what was going on at council meetings.
As “Mr. Transparency” has removed the public comment function from his blogs (I guess he really doesn’t want to hear from you!), I urge you all to contact Rashid directly and ask him why he would deliberately post these lies about me—his email address is: 
Five months after I began working at the Station, Rashid joined the city council (in 2005). I videotaped the January 2005 reorganization meeting of the council, along with a few other council meetings and special meetings taped at the regular council business meetings as part of my audio/video tests with MY OWN EQUIPMENT while I was in the process of researching packages for the station—these were broadcast on the station several times.  Rashid was there, and is on some of those tapes, which are ARCHIVED AT THE CITY HALL ANNEX.  So, when he writes that “no council meetings were broadcast on our local TV station,” RASHID IS AGAIN LYING.
Rashid is well aware of how hard I worked at the station, and I have an entire email file going back to 2004 that kept everyone in the loop as to my progress. I have an entire email file of my correspondence with Rashid himself wherein I discussed with him the issues facing the station, even after I left.
In addition to private email correspondence about this, here is a link to Rashid’s own blog back in 2008, along with my comments on my efforts when I worked at the station—in addition to this, I have a set of email correspondence with Rashid (going back even before that time) wherein he lauded my efforts and said that he shared my frustrations: 
Rashid goes on to insinuate that I was deliberately not taping meetings because I didn’t want the public to see what was going on at council meetings. As I said before, Rashid knows full well that there was NO camera equipment.  I immediately set out to research and purchase the first of three camera/lighting/sound packages (one for use by the station, the other two for use by the residents of Plainfield) while, at the same time, discussing with the City Administrator and Public Works Director (at the time, Norton Bonaparte and Priscilla Castles, respectively) the technical challenges that I would have to deal with in getting a live feed (which is what I thought would work best in addition to repeating the programs on the channel) from the city hall library for the agenda sessions, as well as the municipal court, where the city council business meetings are held.  
I also provided detailed monthly reports on every aspect of work that I did at the station—these reports, with timelines and action plans, were submitted to Norton and copies were in the station archives when I left. I have been in several conversations with current Advisory Board Chairman Lamar Mackson about the files and policies and other paperwork that I left at the station—he said that many items were not there—I left a full and thorough accounting of everything when I left.
Another Rashid Lie
When I was hired in July 2004 to become the part-time Station Director at 21 hours a week, I was the only employee. I was NOT hired for $50,000 per yearRashid just made it up because it sounds good, I guess. Anyone can check the budget from that year to see what I actually made, or ask Karen Dabney, the Personnel Director for the city—feel free to do so.  I worked 3 days per week, doing all the technical and managerial work related to the running of a station all by myself—Rashid knows this and yet repeats his lie—dishonesty reigns once again.
Rashid knows what I had to do to make the station work: upgrade the old computers and purchase new software for the bulletin board equipment, upgrade the Internet access for the city hall annex, and other equipment—trying to squeeze all this into 21 hours per week. In addition, I was also focused on finding a new space for the cable station, as the current space is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act—one of the spaces that I surveyed with Norton was the now-notorious basement of the Tepper’s building on East Front Street, which was also being considered for city council offices at the time.
As I was working through these and other significant challenges, I also had to create policy manuals for the “public access” portion of the station—I submitted these through Corporation Counsel and, after a thorough review, they were approved and set in place. So, working three days a week—doing programming, building and maintaining the community bulletin board, holding community workshops in the evening to introduce the station to residents who wanted to serve as community producers, and analyzing, reviewing, and ordering equipment, all within the space of 21 hours a week. In addition, when there were technical emergencies (given the age of the city hall annex and its attendant wiring problems), I had to go in at night or on weekends (receiving no compensation, by the way) to reboot the entire system if it went down. Rashid knows this, too. 
Rashid himself, the so-called champion of transparency, has blogged about how difficult his purported struggle has been to get the meetings on the air—two years is what he said it took—why, then, would he make up lies about how long it took me to try to get it done? I only worked at the station for about 20 months as the only employee—with absolutely no equipment, and doing every aspect of the job alone—and the majority of that length was part-time. In addition, I met with the directors of other member stations of the Jersey Access Group (JAG) to get input, and I represented our city at conferences related to public access—Rashid knows this as well.
I spoke to Ray and Norton and Priscilla about the next phase of operations, i.e., getting the meetings broadcast on a regular basis. I told Ray that I was in the process of dealing with the significant audio challenges presented by the city hall library’s terrible acoustics—he said that he wanted to be kept in the loop about my progress there. Ray also wanted to proceed very slowly with the idea of airing the council meetings—he told me that, as council president, he wanted to talk to the other councilors about the best way to proceed. I responded that while I was figuring out the technical aspects, I would be happy to discuss everything with the council. At the same time, I had asked Ray and other community people to assist me in gathering names for a cable advisory board, per the ordinance creating the station.
I created a website, a station subscriber email list that had nearly 200 subscribers in a very short time, and a number of other initiatives that fell by the wayside when Sharon Robinson-Briggs fired me as soon as she got into office. I have advocated for the meetings to be broadcast ever since. Rashid knows this.
So, when he writes that the task was “undone” by me when I was fired, Rashid ignores a number of email exchanges that he and I had regarding my efforts to get the city council meetings broadcast both while I was at the station as well as after I was fired. In those emails, Rashid applauded my attempts to get the council meetings broadcast, and I thanked him for his efforts after 2 years to try to get the meetings broadcast. He said he knew how hard I worked to get them on the air, and he appreciated my efforts. Many of the comments I made to Rashid are also posted on his council blog for all to see—just go back to the archives from 2008 and see for yourself. You are also welcome to contact me to receive copies of those emails.
That is why I am so shocked and disheartened by Rashid’s decision to lie and attack me for my efforts to serve in the public interest by posting these smears and outright lies. The email exchanges he and I had with each other were all in the public interest (or so I thought!), so to see Rashid misrepresent, mischaracterize, and outright lie about my efforts to lobby him and the other councilors on behalf of transparency shows that he is now using the playbook of his mentor to try to win this election.
I have already sent to my subscriber list the exchanges between Rashid and me going back a few years—for those of you who are mutual friends of both of us, and who were on the fence about your support, I thank you for considering these Rashid’s smears as a reason to now support me for council. Rashid’s dishonest, unethical behavior throughout this entire campaign speaks volumes about his weakness, cowardice, and lack of character.
No matter what happens with this election, Rashid will have to live with the fact that he has lied, smeared, manipulated, attacked, and demonstrated his lack of character during this campaign. To have an individual such as this representing us for another four years would be simply unacceptable.   
Plainfield needs REAL CHANGE, INDEPENDENCE, and HONESTY on the city council at this critical time, which is why Cory Storch and Adrian Mapp have endorsed me. In addition, I am thankful for the number of emails and calls of support that I have been receiving from friends and other voters and Plainfield residents who are angry and see through Rashid’s desperate lies.

I hope that voters consider the honesty and character of the representative whom they will elect as their Democratic candidate for the 2nd & 3rd Ward At-Large council seat when they go to the polls on Tuesday, June 8th, because it is a question of character, independence, ethics, and honesty. Councilors Cory Storch and Adrian Mapp understand this clearly, and this is why they have endorsed me to serve with them.
All best,

Endorsed by Councilors 
Cory Storch (Ward 2) and Adrian Mapp (Ward 3)

Rebecca Williams, City Council Candidate
New Democrats for Plainfield


Column D
Vote Tuesday, June 8